• Aptem users are 78% more likely to secure employment

  • After 4 weeks Aptem users are 61% more likely to remain in employment

  • After 12 weeks Aptem users are 56% more likely to remain in employment

  • After 26 weeks Aptem users are 43% more likely to remain in employment

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We like to keep our clients up-to-date with developments in the field. Read our latest article – The jobactive – What’s changed and where to from here? by Jeff Wigney.

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Employability solutions for welfare to work providers

Many people struggle to find work. They don’t have satisfactory job search skills and looking for work can be a lengthy and demoralising process. Once customers believe they won’t find a job this belief can become self-fulfilling.

Aptem is the market-leading online system that helps you transform employment programmes. It equips customers with the resources they need to job search effectively and it provides you with the data to monitor each person’s activities and progress.

How does Aptem help?

Those who fail to secure work often either don’t job search actively, or do so in a haphazard fashion. Aptem helps customers follow an organised and effective job search process, provides them with a wide range of relevant local job opportunities and monitors their activity levels. In this way our users get jobs.

Motivated jobseekers simply use the available resources to help themselves. Meanwhile the Aptem activity dashboard provides your advisors with the data to performance manage the less motivated through an effective job search.

Aptem is a highly configurable system that you can customise to meet the needs of your different contracts. According to your needs you can enable:

  • Delivery of funded employability qualifications.
  • Work placements including electronic time-sheets.
  • Minimum job search hours.
  • Real time live chat for remote supported job search.
  • Uploading vacancies exclusive to your customers.
  • Supply chain monitoring.

Aptem has been security approved for use across government employment programmes.

Watch a walk-through video of the software in action.

Proven results

MWS Technology’s multi-award winning system is proven to work and has been used to help jobseekers and students for over 8 years in the UK. Now established in Australia to support Jobactive providers, Aptem has also been deployed in the UK with housing associations, welfare to work contractors, vocational training providers, universities and rehabilitation (back to work) organisations.

Call 1300 195 225 or book a demonstration so you can see how Aptem can help you.