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Smarter Workforce

A smarter workforce makes smarter business. Replace guesswork with precision using Smarter Workforce solutions. Right person. Right job. Right time.


Your Business Opportunity

You know it is important to make your workforce smarter. After all, tying work to the bottom line is the measure of business success. But with the challenges that businesses face today, employers struggle to find and retain top talent, and often lack the ability to get the best out of the talent they already have.

The need to reinvent work is driven by four major shifts—the rise of social business, big data and analytics, mobile technology and the independent worker. Bringing together each of these four elements and using them to influence business is what a Smarter Workforce is all about. Smarter Workforce combines human insight, technology efficiencies and big data analytics that empower businesses to not only predict outcomes, but to drive them.

We can help.


Smarter Workforce Solutions

5 key areas comprise a Smarter Workforce:

Talent acquisition—attracting the right candidates to the right roles through precision and science, and using social tools to make them productive more quickly.

Talent leadership and engagement—connecting the power of a highly engaged and fully enabled workforce with leaders aligned to critical roles to optimize organizational performance.

Talent optimisation—rapidly developing, deploying, and optimizing workforce skills and capabilities, while capitalizing on an interconnected, social and collaborative workforce.

Talent Recognition and Rewards—optimising the way employees are recognised and rewarded throughout the enterprise to attract, retain and stimulate top performance.

Talent analytics—transforming the way decisions are made through descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics, enabling data-driven insights.


Our Mission

Redesign the way your organisation attracts, empowers and motivates employees.



  • Sourcing and recruitment solutions to help you recruit quality candidates.
  • Assessments to help you predict performance by measuring capacity, capability and culture fit.
  • Onboarding tools to transform new hires into engaged and productive employees
  • Compensation and rewards that help you build compensation programs to invest wisely in people.
  • Employee engagement solutions that help you translate employee feedback into business performance.
  • Learning solutions to foster collaboration, networking and sharing within your company.
  • Workforce performance management to manage talent and maximize performance.