Top 10 growth industries in Australia


You may have read recently that the Australian economy is facing challenges such as low coal prices, mass exodus of car manufacturing and high cost of living. In light of this you may be asking yourself; where should I be directing my job search efforts?

Look no further! With help from our friends at Ibisword – The world’s leading industry research body, we have obtained the forecasted growth of the top 10 industries.

Have a look, the list might surprise you:



Rank Industry Forecasted growth per year (%) for the next 5 years
1 Car Sharing Providers in Australia 22.1
2 Pipeline Construction in Australia 15.5
3 Uranium Mining in Australia 15.4
4 Oil and Gas Field Services in Australia 13.0
5 Online Grocery Sales in Australia 12.9
6 Online Book Sales in Australia 12.8
7 Oil and Gas Extraction in Australia 12.5
8 Online Pet Food and Pet Supply Sales in Australia 12.3
9 Online Household Furniture Sales in Australia 11.7
10 Mortgages in Australia 11.4