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Read what a selection of our partners have to say about Aptem:


We chose Aptem for its promise to quickly assist job seekers in securing sustainable employment. Based on the success of Aptem in the UK, where job seekers can benefit from training modules, search facilities and other tools to help track their progress, we’re confident that our job seekers will also find the service of great assistance.

Kevin Compton
General Manager – Business Administration
The Salvation Army Employment Plus

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“Campbell Page is continually looking for ways to strengthen the support we provide our job seekers into employment. After an extensive review of available job search technology we selected Aptem.

We believe that Aptem will positively change the future for Australian job seekers and advisors.

Aptem offers Campbell Page job seekers an efficient and uniquely interactive method for finding more suitable jobs, while providing a range of tools and content that will significantly improve their employability.  

Campbell Page’s aim is to free up our job seekers and advisors on to higher value work – direct job action.

In the end, we didn’t see Aptem as just a matching or compliance service, we could see that they offered us an opportunity to participate in a community that will foster interaction, education, and discussion around the discipline of job science.”  

Dafydd Roberts
Manager (Business Development) – Employment Services
Campbell Page