Client’s viewpoint

UK Clients include:

Jobsearch support assistance for those injured in the workplace or through transport accidents

Research tells us that work is the most effective means to improving and maintaining the well-being of individuals and their families and communities. In fact, long-term worklessness is one of the greatest risks known to public health. It stands to reason that getting back to work, is a crucial part of an injured worker’s rehabilitation. Financial and emotional impact on workers and their families are diminished. With a positive approach and the right support injured workers can return to normal life.

Aptem is the market-leading multi-award winning online jobseeker training and support system that provides individuals with all the resources they need to start again and secure employment.

Aptem can be deployed in a way that meets the existing capability of the injured worker (Self Service, Assisted Service or more intensive support mechanism Managed Service). Irrespective of capability, the period of the subscription to the service provides unlimited 24/7 access, the guidance, tools and data that every jobseeker needs.

Senior or junior, white collar or blue collar, a job-search involves similar processes. Individuals need to understand what they have to offer, who will be interested in this and how to sell themselves effectively.  Aptem users access the resources they will find useful. For one person it might be a ‘what are my transferable skills’ assessment and local matching vacancies. For another it is a list of relevant local businesses, labour market data on growth jobs or company background. Aptem is a one stop portal that has everything a jobseeker needs.


How does Aptem help?

•Over 200,000 vacancies searched daily

•Local employer vacancy tracking

•Employer research databases

•Transferable skills and career interests assessment

Ability to include proprietary “back to work” training content

•Psychometric tests

•Resume building

•Job-search eLearning

•LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter integration

•Activity management tools

•Contacts database


Online only or with co-ordinator support?

The choice is yours. Some customers find that just offering Aptem meets the needs of their clients. Others also like to offer more intensive support.

We also work with a number of return to work co-ordinators who use Aptem as their online client portal. We are happy to partner with organistions that would like to use Aptem.

Call 1300195225 or book a demonstration to see how Aptem can help you.